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I and May frends have take invitation into trip aroung the middle part
of river Volga called "Giguly" this trip will take ten days with of visit
not official very big festival of the tourism and song.

Trip of the way to beautiful landscape with montaint and woody and clear air.
Where have by nice night on bank river Volga with bonfire and song on the
guitar and intercourse.etc.

Stop and sleep by into  tent and base relax.
I have offer various variant journey : little bus, sport bicycle, canoe.
Trip on bicycle it is of very well.But on little bus and canoe also well.
It's trip not have hard official program.
This trip is begin one of July 1992.

Plan trip on Middle Volga and mountains "Giguly" on bicycle
or little bus,canoe:

1. You will be fly and arrive into Moscow city or St.Petersburg city.
         I or my friends there meet you.(30-June)
2. You removal from Moscow or St.Petersburg to Ulyanovsk city.(1-July)
3. Two or one day acclimatize and control bicycle.(2-July)
         Also Russian bath and walk on wood and environs.
         (Live and sleep can in Hotel or Camping or Tent or may Family.)
4. We removal down on river Volga to Giguly city.(3-July)
5. One day trip as far as festival place.(3-July)
6. Two day have by visit Festival tourism and song.(3-5-July)
7. Four or five day dy trip on bicycle or little bus or canoe
   in area mountains "Giguly".(6-10-July)
8. Return in Moscow city or St.Petersburg city.(10-11-July)
   {Supplement: Tourist  programme  in  Moscow or St.Petersburg city
   (Kremlin,  churches, museums, sightseeings, places of interest, etc).}
9. Departure from Moscow or St.Petersburg.

This information is  preliminary.
Plan trip depend on amount member this trip and according to desire.
Amount member this trip by very well of 3 up to 7 man.

The cost  of the  entire programme $300 .
All  meals, accommodation, programme, transportation.

P.S.Arrive in Russian into trip Middle Volga very well up to noonday 30 June.
* We have be member travel club *
* We have experience travel on Russian ways 10 year.*
* We have good plans about haw you can travel into Russia.*
  1. Travel on mountains Ural .
                {Hard and beautiful nature}
                {Little civilized}
  2. Travel on Crimea peninsula.
                {Beautiful nature and landscape}
                {Historial value}
                {Culture value}
  3. Travel on Sibiry and mountains Altay.
                {Hard and very beautiful nature and landscape}
                {Hard sport}

Also you can offer his variant fo trip.
                 Alteration route this trip.
                 Change date this trip.
                 Increase time this trip.
                 Change other condition.

This information can  offer friends and students.

Those who are interested or wood like further information, please contact.

************** May Address **************
*  name Yury Kamenskih                  *
*  apartment 25                         *
*  house 19                             *
*  street Sirenevaja                    *
*  city Ulyanovsk                       *
*  counry Russian                       *
*  E-mail  : boris@inftech.simbirsk.su  *
*  E-mail  : yuris@inftech.simbirsk.su  *
*  FIDO Net: 2:5050/21                  *